Heart Bargain

A feature film by Nicolai Albrecht

Berlin on a winter's night. Two strangers on their search for a new start on life, Judith an Bob. Worlds collide and a desire for love and tenderness awakes until Bob's secret past comes out and everything is put on the line.

Heart Bargain is the story of a passionate and pugnacious relationship of two humans, who don't want to give up.




Cast: Marisa Growaldt, Alex Tondowski, Rainer Sellien, Michael Ojake, Jana Thies, Daniela Holtz, Andreas Fleischmann Director: Nicolai Albrecht Script: Nicolai Albrecht, Marisa Growaldt, Alex Tondowski Producer: Alex Tondowski, Nicolai Albrecht DoP: Sönke Hansen, Marcus Lenz Editor: Bernd Euscher Sound: Tobias Bilz, Detlef A. Schitto Location Sound: Veit Norek Composer: Detlef A. Schitto Post production: Edelbytes, Jakob Wehrmann, Alistair Owen Make-up: Lili Müller