LASIKATTO (Original Title)

The Glass Ceiling: What is it? And how do you break it?

Finnish migrant filmmaker Mari Soppela travels the world as she takes us on a five year investigation into the complex realities of the glass ceiling. Scrutinizing the statistics and delving into the lived experiences of women battling discrimination throughout the globe she exposes the uncomfortable truths and dirty secrets of gender bias in the workplace. Simultaneously light-hearted and deadly serious, this vital, creative and surprising film shines a light on a much misunderstood phenomenon and acts as a rallying cry to women - and men - everywhere to continue the fight for gender equality.

Length: 85min 

Language: Finnish, English, German, Polish, France, Japanese, Dutch, Icelandic

Subtitles: English, German



Writer/ Director: Mari Sopella. Producer: Julia Ton/ LPMA Productions. Co-Producer: Ira und Alex Tondowski/ Tondowski Films

Supported by: FFF, AVEK, YLE